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Camaleao - Aprendendo a nadar


I remember when I've learn to swim with my great friends in Brasil... big moments, full of happyness!





Camaleao [fr] - 13 years ago

hello, Fsuchs!
The electronics sounds are made with a old and always good RM1x ;)
thx greats, friend!

Fsuchs [fr] - 13 years ago

And it makes me remember P'taah tracks (Uriel bridge, especielly)

Fsuchs [fr] - 13 years ago

Great great one, massive jazz flavour, it seems that you digest the 80's jazz rock sound, and melt it up with well felt electro vibe...
Outstanding job, pure sound and strong musicality. I'm a bit jealous ;)

Funky [be] - 13 years ago

Nice nice!!

code440 [fr] - 13 years ago

Yo Camaleao! I guess Ure a good swimmer. Great sound!

Camaleao [fr] - 13 years ago

thx great, Code440!
Like say my friends in this occasion: when you are in water, you have two possibilities- you swim...or you swim!

Anonymous [fr] - 13 years ago

It's just amazing man! It's ten o'clock this morning and I feel very high man! Dope music!

Camaleao [fr] - 13 years ago

Yo, "Anonymous"!
Enjoy, my friend, thx greats! ;)

kaldosh [fr] - 13 years ago

i spent a very nice time with this track...thanks a lot...my brain flyed

Camaleao [fr] - 13 years ago

lol, Kaldosh
u r big, man!

kaldosh [fr] - 13 years ago

oh man!! i don't understand...i'm listening to it...and i feel the same as yesterday

Camaleao [fr] - 13 years ago

Thx Kaldosh,
I wish that your nice time remains everiday! :)

jikjax [fr] - 13 years ago

Great works companero ! Your jazz sounds are exactly in my feeling, it makes me remember Suba or King Kooba or NYC jazzmen Liquid Liquid ? Nice moments with your tracks, thanks ! (and send another tracks please !) ;-)

Camaleao [fr] - 13 years ago

hi, jikjax!
thx more, amigo!
I'm happy that you enjoy the tracks!
Valeu! :)

Anonymous [fr] - 13 years ago

Great groove....luv the filtered drumloop

Camaleao [fr] - 13 years ago

thx "Anonymous" :)

the percussions are filtered with a sherman filterbank 2, I love the sound of this machine too...
but... isn't a drumploop... its a realplaying of pandeiro, tamborim (brazilian percussions) and a plastic egg :D


jikjax [fr] - 9 years ago

Il y a comme ça des titres sur ebel, depuis le début, qui restent des références. Celui-là en fait partie, la classe totale. Parabens ^

Camaleao [fr] - 9 years ago

hi, Jikjax, merci poto! ça faisait longtemps que je ne l'avais pas entendu, ton commentaire m'a fait y revenir... en fait je ne le supporte plus lol!