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GMO - Song For A Flower (Gnossienne Perdue)


A redux of Mr Satie's piece: "Premiere Gnossienne" with a loungie touch.

Dedicated to my worsthalf who happens to be my better one.. boku no aikata yade.





GMO [fr] - 12 years ago

i agree about the cymbal, it was taken out in the next edit. as to evolving the piece, i must confess.. i got stuck on the way.

thanks for the listen & comment.

KAMDER [fr] - 12 years ago

nice ambiant piece ! i love the piano ! really good ! i like the atmosphere created , the bass sound's good , however you can find more évolution to propulse your composition , for example you can add more voice ( same the voice at the end ) and the sound of the cymbale inthe center of the compo it's out of the subject remove it if you can ! , this is my opinion , but i like your work really !

GMO [fr] - 12 years ago

well, first, thanks alot for your time and attention! i really appreciate it.
but no sample (aside birdies, of course) used there, it's all played. no glory, though, since i'm not the author. the only tricky part was to fit in something out of time (bpm-wise) into a digital-bmp-based piece :p

Again, thanks alot for your comment.

Fsuchs [fr] - 12 years ago

Really enjoyed how the bass sounds. Love the evolution, how your beats goes... Really nice texture, etheric climax, the way your drum fade into low sounds, the distant sea birds, procure a feeling of smokey vastness, really enjoyable. the only thing i should criticize is that you use a melodic sample all along the piece.
ok, this is not so important regarding to the work you achieved here... Melodically speaking, this is really good, despite the lack of evolution....
Great work. Great piece of music.

GMO [fr] - 12 years ago

on devrait toujours avoir un Satie avec nous ;)

thanks for the listen & comment.

Freakywrath [fr] - 12 years ago

ah ca fait plaisir du satie sur ebel !
well done ! un truc moins minimale par moment pourrait etre bienvenu .

GMO [fr] - 12 years ago

m.a.j w/o cymb.

Fsuchs [fr] - 12 years ago

agreed with the cymbal too... a bit too loud, creating the surprise, but I don't know if it feets xith the overall ambiance...
Sorry for the my "sample" mistake... and +1 for the interpretation!

ZeBrokenEgg [fr] - 12 years ago


GMO [fr] - 12 years ago

ouaip, j'avoue, c'est vraiment d'la triche! :p y a 2 raisons qui m'ont poussé à bosser ça: j'adore satie sans concession, et quand j'ai entendu ce qu'en avait fait le boudah bar, ça m'a foutu les boules, et donc, j'ai mis ma zen attitude dans la music.

merci pour l'"info sur les TROLLS, en même temps, le père Allard, c'est pas un mauvais :p

ZeBrokenEgg [fr] - 12 years ago

C'est de la triche ça, utiliser Erik c'est deloyale! Un gros + pour la peine.
Si tu veu ecouter quelque chose de particulierement efficace dans le genre de ce que tu as fait: cherche LES TROLLS "piano en valois", leurs utilisation de Satie est formidable.

GMO [fr] - 12 years ago

bah écoute, avec plaisir, hein :)

Anonymous [fr] - 12 years ago

Tres joli .. Merci

KAMDER [fr] - 11 years ago

good ambiant song ,, big up ! piano très joli et envoutante mélodie !

GMO [fr] - 11 years ago

thanks for the listen :)