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Forum : Producing Help : tout les vst

kelu [fr]
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Post: 25
Last track: cut slice andplay
hello a tous
ba juste pour vous filer cette adresse de site que vous connaissez peut etre mais dans l absolu c est toujours bien de faire tournez les bonnes adresses.Donc pour les addict du plug in voila la bible kvraudio.com,y a a peu pres tout les plug sortis ces 5 dernieres années avec un forum anglophone tres riche en forum de develloper et autres.
ivo [fr]
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Post: 258
Last track: GRAVOS .^o 2013 STAND UP AND WALK PART4
à quoi on peut rajouter:





Omelette [fr]
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Post: 332
Last track: Step Up !
VSTclub, c'est le meilleur !
ivo [fr]
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Post: 258
Last track: GRAVOS .^o 2013 STAND UP AND WALK PART4
allez un peu de pub pour les potes.

Sensomusic a sorti Homing Pad:

Homing Pad is a tool to create grooves in a new creative way.
How to use it ?
Simply draw a path with the mouse or the finger, this will generate instantly a new groove.
Drag and drop some samples from the list on the right to change them.


*Global Pitch: Global pitch of all the samples.
*Length: Length used of all samples.
*Num Items: Number of items used [1…16]
*Synchro: Set the synchro of the patch : Loop, bar or cycle. No loop let you play manually the samples.
*Speed: Speed of the groove (when in loop mode only)
*Quantized: quantization of the groove (when bar or cycle is used)
*Pan FX: Percentage of the panner effect
*Rnd Position: Randomize all samples position.
*Rnd Pitch: Randomize all samples pitch.
*Rnd Range: Range of the pitch when you random the pitch.
*Rnd Color: Randomize all samples color.
*Area: Area size of the action zone of the ball.
*Preset Manager: Let you store 16 different presets, just click on the number you want to recall.
- s (store): To store a preset, click on the s button, and then on the preset number.
- c (clear): To clear a preset, click on the c button, and then on the preset number.
*Show list: Show (or not) the list of samples you can use.
*Edit list: Open a new window where you can add your own samples, create and save list and give you also some informations about the samples used.
*Using your own samples: You can of course use your own samples to create your own presets, don’t forget to save them in the preset manager and also to save your project in your host.
*Samples: This patch/VST contains samples from waveshaper kits